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  • Cloud based Automatic price calculation
  • Responsive web design Goldfish app
  • Direct booking Integration and synchronisation

Goldfish Landing

Channel manager

Channel Manager

Synchronization with other holiday web portals enables real time data transmission. This decreases the amount of work a booking manager is required to do. Meaning, the possibility of errors and double bookings is significantly reduced. Synchronization or Channel Management enables transfer of units together with their accompanied texts, images, prices, geo-location integrated with the Google map, and other essential information. Goldfish offers bidirectional integration to many of our clients, offering a complete range of integrations such as: reservations, automatic price calculation, insurance, credit card processing, and more. The Goldfish System is constantly growing and new integrations are added regularly. Moreover, Goldfish has been customized for every new client, which is how new features have been added to the system.​


Custom website

For each client there may be a need of advanced development. Goldfish offers a complete custom website based on your specifications. Custom development is a process which requires more involvement and requires close communication between our teams and the client. This development requires explicit input and mock-ups from the customer.​                                                                                    Google in early 2015 adopted a rule that penalizes websites that do not have a responsive web design. This means that if the website is not mobile-friendly, it gets downgraded in the Google search results. RWD adds value to the customer by responding to the clients’ needs and devices that they use. Responsive web design alters the appearance of the web platform and adapts to the size and capabilities of the device's screen.​

Payment gateway

Payment gateway

Website visitors, meaning clients, can pay their vacation by credit, debit cards, and also by PayPal.​

This part of the reservation system lets your clients book and pay through the Internet. We provide a wide variety of payment methods by credit and debit cards, bank transactions, and Internet platforms such as PayPal, Sofort booking, Skrill Moneybookers, WsPay, WebTeh, RBA eToMiTreba and many others.

More features​

  • 24/7 Booking System

    ​Online presentation of accommodation units and direct booking 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our booking system provides simple, independent and organized content editing. Content editing consists of adding and editing an unlimited number of pages, together with accompanying texts, photographs and videos. The reservation system is adjusted to all types of accommodation in the tourist industry.

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  • Direct booking insight

    Website visitors will have an immediate and accurate overview of accommodation availability. Goldfish performs an automatic entry of reservations into the calendar by the fulfillment of each booking. Calendar can also be blocked regardless of reservations in the system, if there is such booking outside of the reservation system. Clear and transparent reservation calendar enables fast decision making and easy choice of alternative offerings. Automatic calendar as a part of the reservation system, speeds up work processes and saves valuable time. The reservation system calendar enables management of tourist seasons, which can be separately defined for each facility, and also be saved as templates for facilities with the same defined seasons. After defining seasons, the reservation system gives an option to define the prices for each season and accommodation category.​

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  • Bookings and Inquiries

    The reservation system provides a detailed overview of incoming inquiries, confirmation of reservations made by sending automatic offers, and if necessary, easy creating and sending alternative offers. There's the possibility of sending offers or reservations from the administrative part of the reservation system. It's also possible to create offers from the system for inquiries that came by telephone or other communication channels.
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  • Automatic price calculation

    Automatic calculation of additional costs, fees, actions, supplements (e.g. pets), currency conversion, etc. The price is automatically calculated by choosing the accommodation under a certain period which enables the webpage visitors to easily make decisions about the reservation. The price is calculated by given criteria, which are defined in the administrative part of the reservation system. The booking system allows to add additional options, such as extra beds, pets, air conditioning, and actions such as minimum stay, last minute, first minute, 7 days for 6 days, 14 days for 12 days, etc. It is also possible to set the price calculation per person, per day or per week.
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  • Responsive web design

    Using mobile devices for work and surfing is growing enormously, but unfortunately a lot of web platforms are not optimized for these mobile devices, which are limited by their screen size and require a different approach how the content should be arranged on the screen. For this reason, Google in early 2015 adopted a rule that penalizes those websites that do not have a responsive web design, i.e. if the website is not mobile-friendly, it's downgraded in the Google search results. RWD responds to the needs of users and devices that they use. The appearance of the web platform changes and adapts to the size and capabilities of the device's screen.
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  • Integration / Synchronization

    Connect and synchronize your accounts with other booking portals like Booking.com, Airbnb, Facebook, etc. Social network management is essential for marketing reasons (SEO) because of Google indexing. Integration is also practical, so that the content you publish on your website can further be shared, where the targeted group is moving - Facebook, Twitter, etc. With the reservation system, we can also offer an application for direct booking from Facebook, and thus further reduce the time and path that the client needs to take in order to book accommodation. Synchronization with other holiday web portals enables data transmission in real time, thus significantly reduces the amount of work and the possibility of errors and double bookings. Synchronization or Channel Management enables transfer of units, including texts, images, prices, geo-location and other important information.​​

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